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215.295.8181 - OPT. #2 MMA

Flushing Water Mains

Flushing of water mains will take place in the areas shown on the below map between 7:00 A.M. And 5 00 P.M.
Residents in the area being flushed, and the adjacent areas, may notice a slight discoloration in the water and low water pressure during the period when flushing is in progress. Flushing is conducted semi-annually to clean mains and the disturbance, if any is less than an hour duration. Residents are advised to refrain from using water for drinking, cooking, home dialysis or clothes washing while the flushing is in progress.

AREA 1 April 15/16 COMPLETED
AREA 2 April 16/17 COMPLETED
AREA 3 April 17/18/19 COMPLETED
AREA 4 April 19/22/23 COMPLETED
AREA 5 April 23/24/25  IN PROGRESS