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215.295.8181 - OPT. #2 MMA

The Morrisville Municipal Authority utilizes the services of PennBidTM in managing access to planning and contract documents, and receiving sealed bids, for projects, goods, and services subject to public bidding by law.  Access the online link by clicking on PennBidTM, and follow the instructions available.  To get started, click on the “Solicitations” and “View” tabs.  PennBidTM is funded by bidders, and is a free service to the MMA, state and municipal agencies, and similar users.

Solicitation of bids still is advertised by conventional means — newspapers or trade journals and the like — but we will list requests for bids on this page as well.  If you are accessing this page before (about) June, 2017, be aware that some projects, goods, and services might not be listed here because planning and advertising preceded creation of the page.  Some smaller or shorter-term projects may not be listed on PennBidTM, and “Requests for Quotes” generally are sought directly, in accordance with Pennsylvania law.

Currently, there are no bids to be listed.