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215.295.8181 - OPT. #2 MMA


Jane Burger, Chairman

Andrew Lubin, Vice Chairman

Helen Hlahol, Secretary

Roy Snare,  Treasurer

Daniel Murphy, Board Member

John J. Warenda, Jr., Executive Director


Robert Campbell, Engineer (Pennoni Associates)

Peter Place, Auditor (Lopez, Teodosio & Larkin)

Anne Porter, Solicitor (Smith and Porter)


The “Municipality Authorities Act” is a Pennsylvania law authorizing the creation of separate legal entities, or agencies, known as “Authorities” for the purpose of financing and operating a wide range of public works projects.  The law gives the power of creation to municipalities (cities, townships, boroughs), counties, and school districts.  The Morrisville Municipal Authority (MMA) was created in 1948 by the Borough of Morrisville, and owns and operates both water and wastewater (sewer) treatment plants and systems.



The MMA is managed by a Board of Directors, consisting of five (5) people appointed by Borough Council, serving staggered terms. Once appointed, the directors exercise autonomous oversight of the business of the Authority.

  1. Membership. Members have been Morrisville residents, but can be a person who is “a taxpayer in, maintain[s] a business in, . . . or [is] a citizen of the municipality . . . into which one or more of the projects of the authority extends or is to extend . . . . “
  2. Organization. The Board typically reorganizes in January of each year, appointing a Chair; Vice-Chair; Secretary; Treasurer; and, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer.  Meetings are conducted monthly on the third Thursday, except for August.
  3. Meetings. A formal agenda is circulated at the beginning of meeting weeks identifying a monthly list of bills, and any motions or resolutions which might be considered.
  4. Finances. The Board receives a proposed budget, usually in October for the following year and reviews an annual certified audit, usually in June or July for the previous year, as part of its annual financial responsibility to the public.
  5. Community. Ultimately, of course, Directors and the administration, managers, and employees of the MMA are responsible for safeguarding the health and welfare of their customers, who rely upon them for delivery of clean drinking water and the collection, treatment, and disposal of wastewater/sewage.