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2020 Water Main Replacement Project

2020 Water Main Replacement Project

The Morrisville Municipal Authority (Authority) is replacing water mains in 2020.

The project will include installation of new 6” ductile iron pipe (DIP) water main on Legion Ave. and part of Hillcrest Ave. We are also adding approximately 180 feet of water main on Francis Ave.

We will try to minimize your inconvenience, but the project will involve street excavation and the use of heavy construction equipment.  During construction, please help by observing the

following conditions:


  • Daily work hours will typically be 7 a.m. – 4 p.m., subject to weather and holiday scheduling.


  • Until construction and street repairs are completed, do not park on your street during active construction hours. If your vehicle is in the way, it may be towed.  The contractor is required to fill all excavations at the end of each day, and you may park on your street at the end of each work day, conditions permitting.


      During construction, there may be short periods of disruption of service, reduced pressure, or discoloration of water. We will do our best to notify residents prior to any disruption.


            When completed, this project will replace aging 4” cast iron pipe  and eliminate a dead end line that will improve fire protection in the area and help prevent future disruptions of service.